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Welcome to Everel

Everel is a world-leading supplier of electromechanical components for home and commercial appliances. Everel’s automotive division is a well-known partner in the industry. Proven reliability and effective teamwork are our key factors to develop and manufacture innovative solutions for the specific demands or requirements of our clients.


August 30, 2016

Officina dei talenti

"Officina dei talenti" is the new Everel project dedicated to young people of the territory. It is a training course of 120 hours, divided...
August 22, 2016

Everel for the Sport

A weekend full of events for Everel, official sponsor of some sports events of the territory. Sunday, August 21, we participated as official...
June 30, 2016

Everel SPG7 and Bosch “Flame Select” system on the new issue of Household Appliances

An atmosphere of innovation and renewal is breathed in Everel which, thanks to the partnership with Bosch, is involved in developing of a new...